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A London based artist, born in Persia, who is currently creating a variety of cultivating artworks with each showing her dexterity and experience. Her speciality lies in large scale wall-mounted sculptures created on wood or canvas, the intricacies and imagination of each piece are remarkable.

Inspiration is taken from nature, wildlife, and life experiences with some work carrying a deep meaning.

The fine art journey began with a BA in 1995, concluding formal education with an MA in 2011.

In Iran, 1995, studied Fine Art at Tehran University after securing a scholarship by scoring into the top 10 applicants for the course in 1995. After graduation, her paintings were sold and displayed in Iranian galleries. In a country of oppression in which women had little influence at the time, this is extremely empowering.

In 2003, a drastic lifestyle change occurred by relocating to the UK with her family. At the time she had the desire to upskill her creativity with further studies, which lead her to an HNC in Graphic Design, BA in Moving Image and MA in Documentary Filmmaking & Film Editing. All massive achievements considering the language, cultural differences.

Fast forward to the current day, Mersia’s technical process is focused on utilising wooden canvases to create a robust foundation for her wall-mounted sculptures/artworks. The method adds longevity and presence of which a material canvas cannot do, each artwork is extremely labour intensive due to its weight and medium. Especially, when it comes down to carefully dying loose canvas and sculpting the material into its final form. Mersia’s new collection enters the art market as a breath of fresh air, uniqueness backed by intricacies and imagination empathising movement and energy.

The harmony of colour and nature in Mersia’s artwork is the essence of her modern interpretation of fine art, her work is perceived to have the wow factor and great sense of occasion that sparks a rollercoaster of emotions.


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