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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Bo Cosfranz


Bo Cosfranz is a London-based fine artist, working primarily with acrylics, textile, print, and sculpture.

She is interested in the concept of artificially imposing order and structure to organic elements.

In the Shadows and Sihouettes series, the natural shapes created by a human figure are flattened by the addition of straight lines, which emanate as tangent lines extending out from the shapes' corners.

The process of creating the final image is an attempt to remove the individuality of the original human shape. The corners which give each figure its character and energy are subdued by the addition of the tangent lines. Although each human figure is unique, the strict rules applied during the creation of the work impose a sense of conformity between them.

This mandate presents the struggle between the wilderness of life and our attempts to control it. The organic curves of the shadows on the human face are caged in by the geometric lines that try to impose order and neatness. The final image reflects the dichotomy between our primitive nature and the constraints of civilised society.

The visual ideas explored in these initial works are taken in a different direction in the abstract Intrusions series. A contrast is created between the background, where layers of colours are applied in an organic manner, and the foreground, where bold, geometric shapes are framed and constrained by the tangent lines emanating from their corners.

The artist will continue to develop these themes in different forms, always working within her self-imposed strict rules.


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