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Artists Exhibiting At Our Art Fair

Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Rachel Maritz


I am a self-taught abstract artist working primarily in acrylic on canvas. I use other mixed media such as collage, pastel & charcoal to create texture and work in many layers to build the final piece.

I grew up in New Zealand, surrounded by nature's best, so it's not surprising that I was inspired to paint from an early age. Always the arty, creative type, any dreams of being an astronaut quickly gave way to my real passion of making a mess and I was frequently found covered head to toe in the aftermath of another creation.

Much of my work reflects my background and the imagery of my homeland by integrating bold colours into uninhibited canvases allowing each piece to express its own unique character. My more recent works are also being inspired by the beautiful Surrey Hills where I now live and work.