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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Cari B


I was born in Yorkshire and moved to London when I was 17. I spent the next 8 years in search of new experiences and was determined never to settle anywhere for too long. I lived in various places including the south coast of Spain, Brighton and Derby working all sorts of jobs on my way.

This constant change of environment that I experienced often influences my direction in painting. Having sketched and painted since childhood I have always been delighted and surprised by people’s response to my work.

For me, the sharing of my work is such an important part of my process. Whilst predominately self-taught, in my late twenties, I could no longer ignore my creative calling. In 2010 I completed a 2-year foundation diploma in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, whilst working in central London. I studied a diverse range of mediums there including sound installation and sculpture and the course was life changing. It was on completing this course that I came to the realisation that my primary love was in fact painting.

Over the last 10 years I have fallen in love with what I would now call my process. I have always been drawn to water and it will often be a starting point for me whether a reflection on the road in a city or an early morning sunrise on the coast. What really excites me is the adventure of getting up super early to catch a sunrise or stopping my car when something catches my eye and finding a perfect spot to capture it.

I paint mainly in oils, yet my application of paint is not limited to the paintbrush and I enjoy discovering new ways to extract my interpretation of a scene onto the paint surface often using anything from a palette knife to D.I.Y hardware.

Sketching on location and constantly taking reference photos gives me the freedom to create back in my home studio, resulting in my version of a fleeting moment which I can then project back into the world.


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