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Gorka Arraras


Hi my name is Gorka, originally from The Basque country in Spain, I am now a hairdresser and Artist/illustrator currently living in the heart of the busy, bustling city… London, United Kingdom.

I first moved to London in 1997 where I started my career as a hairstylist. In 2007 I decided I needed something else to challenge my inner creative, so after evaluating my love of fashion, fashion illustration and addiction to buying shoes I decided I wanted to study shoe design. My shoe designing career lead me down a creative path which opened me up to many different skills, connections and friends in the industry . In 2010 I decided I wanted to take the skills I had learnt from my shoe designing career back to my well-known love for hairdressing.

After 18 years I am still following my hairdressing dream and career, and I am currently the Creative Manager for Charles Worthington in the heart of the city. My role at Charles Worthington has always challenged me creatively and been the main focus in my life, which takes me back to 3 years ago…

After serveral years of not painting or drawing due to my demanding career I found myself facing a hiatus in my personal life due to my fathers illness and passing away. I used my paintings to express my response to the final years of his life. As you can see my use of colours are bright and vibrant which emphasis the bold brush strokes and fluidity.

My goal is to reflect the battle to create and maintain beauty at the same time as staying emotionally aware of the message within the eyes.

Thank you for reading a bit about me, I hope this has given you an insight in to my inspirations and love for my work.


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