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The artist Maximillion's journey began seven years ago. It was initiated through a crisis and the disintegration and re-integration of his personality, against the backdrop of the bitter winter snow in a blank February sky.

Later, insect-like, he emerged from his psychic metamorphosis; a recycled human, better stronger and wiser than before. Discovering a new artistic expression and inspired by the art and revolutionary ideas of the original Dada & Surrealist movements, his art explores the world of dreams and alternate realities.

He uses vintage ephemera & found objects to create his collages, whose images fit together like some unfathomable jigsaw, which offer the viewer a vision of unknown beings glimpsed in another realm.

Maximillion's images are captured and printed digitally. However they are NOT digitally manipulated. What happens in that theatrical moment, when realities collide, cymbals crash and the red velvet curtains part to reveal the unfathomable, is pure alchemy.

Maximillion's art enables the viewer to enter a surreal dreamworld, unfettered by time, space or convention.

Maximillion has exhibited his art, experimental films and immersive surreal live cabaret in Victorian music halls, live music venues, marquees, art galleries and caves in Nottingham and the Midlands. He has an ambition to take his brand of surrealism to Berlin.


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