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Stuart Dalzell


I was born in 1958 into a working class neighbourhood, the son of painter and decorator from London's Eastend.

My mother, an equally strong character, was a Glaswegian known for her kindness yet eccentric personality. Both parents in their own unique way encouraged and fostered my creative instinct to paint and draw from a very early age.

Although always having a passion for contemporary art I had done little to persue my own aspirations until 1998 when I assisted a fellow artist in staging a major presentation of paintings at the 'Agora Gallery' on Broadway in NYC. Is was at this time that my interest in painting was rekindled and I began painting immediately on my return to the UK.

Due to exceptional interest in my work I was encouraged to present my first solo exhibition in 2001 which proved to be an unprecedented success setting a new sales record at that gallery for a new artist.

Since then I have presented both solo and group work at commercial galleries in Kent and London.

I like to think I have a clear and honest approach to art appreciation. I firmly believe that any 'good' painting should stimulate an emotional response rather than an intellectual one - great art doesn't need a 'back story'.

My work process always embraces the 'planned accidents' approach, I try different paints, styles, techniques etc and eventually, through trail and error , work out the final image. It's always a roller-coaster of emotion as the painting develops - elation and torment in each measures !

Using music as a source of inspiration has always been part of my creative process, especially the outstanding albums of David Bowie. Painting with a favourite album played loud and set on repeat is a prerequisite in the studio.


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