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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Anil Mistry


Anil Mistry is a mixed media artist based in Berkhamsted, UK. His work is focussed on creating new interpretations of urban landscapes that are abstract in nature, compelling yet warmly familiar.

Following a childhood interest in art and design, Anil began to experiment in his late teens with typography, graphic design and photography, making gig flyers by layering imagery using photocopiers, scissors and glue. Later, software such as Photoshop and Illustrator became his tools of choice for compositions, starting a commercial career in digital graphic design.

He is now creating art combining his own photography from trips around the world, spray paints, stencils, acrylics and screen printing, to create visually striking mixed media collage art.

Anil’s art features stylistically unusual, misfit and often overlooked elements from cityscapes and environments, merging this 'street furniture' to create beautiful compositions of unseen landscapes. Rich in texture and depth, the resulting works tells a brand-new story of its own.


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