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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Paige Vargo-Willeford


Art is, above all else, a way of experiencing life and it's questions without any finite answer. We use the tools of expression at our disposal to understand what we can while opening up new areas of dialogue between our conscious and unconscious self.

The theories of early modernism hold true in my works. The dadaist embrace of chance, the surrealist faith in the importance of our subconscious mind and the cubist compression of time were inspired by the same things I am - specifically, a belief in the subjectivity of what is real and a desire to go beyond our own limitations in experiencing this. However, as an artist of the contemporary age, my works are squarely grounded in the issues of my own time. New prejudices and enemies are constantly being manufactured by mainstream dialogue to encourage compliance with different agendas. Questioning and seeing beyond these smoke screens is essential because to see beyond the limits we place on ourselves, we must also surpass the limits put on our thinking by institutions and media.

In my gallery you will find a selection of pieces listed alongside price. If you are interested in a piece you can communicate directly with me via the contact form found at the bottom on any page. Additionally, if you would like to see a piece in person, please reach out and we can work to arrange a viewing.


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