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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Laura Pedley


For me, painting is where I become truly myself, more like myself than at any other time, something settles within me and I can create in peace.

This is why I paint in abstract. The process for me is as important as the outcome, being both physical and emotional. I’m looking for the tensions between order and chaos, drawing inspiration from the transitions between different layers found within the landscape, and the places where human construction intersects with nature. I find hope in these paintings.

Creating these atmospheric and peaceful paintings I use acrylic paint to layer rich blues and greens, bleeding into soft pinks and peaches. I’m seeking to capture the essence of spacious landscapes and seascapes, working into the pieces with pen to build contrasting linear forms inspired by man-made structures. By exploring the juxtaposition between these two worlds, and mapping out the layers and rhythms that create beauty in the midst of uncertainty, I aim to capture the delicate balance holding up the world around us.

I enjoy working in series, and I both exhibit across the UK and release quarterly collections through this website with early access to all new works for those on my Subscribers List. I also continue to produce commissions for private clients and create new self-initiated pieces to explore the boundaries of my practice


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