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Artists Exhibiting At Our London Art Fair

Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair in London 2024, including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Catherine Hay


I paint abstract interpretations of the natural world, capturing its instinct, its beauty...its frenzy and tranquillity - my work is a celebration of nature's resplendence.

The sky features in all of my works as a symbol of ultimate freedom.
The thought of being truly free, without boundary or limitation is something which I find utterly exhilarating...and it is this aspiration which has shaped my style of painting.
You will see extensive, rich colour palettes, varied textures and strong contrast in light and dark to create drama and intensity.
the paintings will draw you in and lead your eyes around the canvas, picking up all the intricate details.

Look for the marks which mimic the beat of a bird's wing or the pathway if takes across the sky.


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