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Ever since I could hold a pencil, all I wanted was to be an artist.

Fast forward forty-odd years and I am proud to be living my dream having created a unique brand that helps people around the world improve their wellbeing. I founded Art For The Soul to share my work and my message that paintings can be useful as well as beautiful, and to encourage you to slow down and embrace a calmer, more intentional lifestyle by learning the art of visual meditation. But getting here hasn’t been easy.

Making art saved my life. I spent the majority of my thirties depressed and angry, but I didn’t know why.
In 2013 I got my answer. After being triggered by events in the news, all my repressed emotions exploded to the surface and I started counselling for childhood trauma. Compounded by the collapse of my marriage at the same time I spiralled further downwards in to a tormented existence of codependency and toxic friendships, fuelled by drugs and alcohol. It was a healing process that got worse before it got better.

Then one day, at rock bottom, I looked within for help and was guided back to the one thing that had comforted me as a child: making art.

In a place of mental chaos, I found peace. Painting lifted me out of the darkness and I began to realise its power. I turned my pain in to purpose and Art For The Soul was born in 2020.

I now use my gift to serve others by making art that soothes your soul and brings joy to your heart. By learning to use it as a tool for mindfulness and meditation you can ease suffering and find inner peace just as I have, but without even lifting a paintbrush!


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