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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair in London 2024, including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Annette Aspen


I'm a self-taught abstract painter who primarily uses acrylics. I enjoy incorporating texture into my paintings and working with a variety of mixed media to produce unique abstract paintings that I would characterize as intuitive abstract art. I'm only guided by instinct and feelings, as well as how messy I'm getting!
I am greatly influenced by my surroundings, so walks in the lovely Kent countryside with my devoted Labrador offer countless opportunities for inspiration.
Losing myself in music while working on a blank canvas with my dog curled up at my feet is what makes me happy!
I've always been very honest about how I use painting to get through everything life throws at me.
I was hospitalized for six weeks for a medication change because of my drug-resistant epilepsy, and it was during this time that art therapy rekindled my childhood passion for creating art. I was urged to express my emotions on paper using anything—paint, crayons, pastels, pencils, paper glue, etc.! Shape and colour have a huge range of emotional expressions. I became aware of how the therapy had helped me and that my journey through art had begun. I'm now eager to see where it may lead.
For the first time, I think I fully understood the power of art.
It has continued in a small home studio space that my husband created for me in our garage. It is my calm, peaceful place where I am free to create each original piece of 'Aspen Acrylic Arts'.
I'm more than happy to discuss commissions too, if you'd like me to create a painting specifically for you.
My dream would be to have my own studio and be able to work on even larger canvases.

What started as art therapy has become so much more. Although every painting holds a piece of me, I believe that I am creating them for others to enjoy.
I feel like art has given me a voice, and people are listening.


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