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As a child I loved to draw and pull apart transistor radios to find out how they worked, at school I did art, but loved technology and witnessed the introduction of the first home computers, but oddly, found the games very boring.
But my first experience on an Apple Mac was a revelation!!
After a 4 year Apprenticeship in Electronics followed by a short spell trying to sell photocopiers, fate landed my dream job in Graphic Design, art in some form was where I was meant to be, even part of my time with the Army Reserves was with a Regiment known as the Artists Rifles!!
It was truly than I realised the potential of trying to create designs that didn’t look like they had been created on the Mac. And when Steve Jobs spoke about “the technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities…. that makes our hearts sing” I knew I was doing the right thing.
But 25 years ago, nobody would accept digital art as collectible aka “commercial” and at the time I believed that, but times change….
So fast forward to 2023 and Ai Art appears, my inner geek is captivated, mix in Ai with collage and hand drawing with digital tablets and technology to print in astonishing colour and detail, I am truly sold, and it’s a process that genuinely makes my heart sing.
I use Ai as a tool to inspire, and a route to help image creation. Art, is controversial, but for me, Ai has re-ignited a deep sense of joy, in creating an image, creating a story. For me, there is a process, a journey that I love, there is a story behind every image. I hope you will join me in my journey.


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