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Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Eddie Day Wells


Born in London in 1974, the streets and stories of the East End its people its ways, are cemeted in my DNA. Aritistically I clearly have always displayed a passion to create, with an equally firery temprement where my Art was concerned. It was only on being diagnosed and treated at aged 40 for ADHD and in the passing of my Dad, that i found the ability to order my creative thoughts which are unhumanly plentiful, varied and liquid, into some order and as a result produce Art. This has fastly became all absorbing and my sole focus and drive. My artisitc influnece is mainly Lowery and Warhol. i love the impact of pop art, I love how Lowery's paintings i can hear, the people secondary and simple, the atmosphere was key. I wont tie myself to a medium and will mix mediums for my larger pieces, I try to capture the mood of a moment in time the cutural references a combined eliment of menace and humour. Sublime and the rediculous, and allow the simpe characters to tell the story to which the mood is the back drop. I like to evoke a reaction, jog a memory, make the audience laugh and think. but in a bold minimal pop art image that on closer inspection tells a deeper story. I think unique art should be more available. My ADHD permits me the ability to create quite relentless, and I like the idea of all my work being an limited adition of 1............my journey has very much just begun....I believe your first 40 years is research for your legacy


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